Check out these amazing music rooms available for rent!

17th August 2023

To all musicians and music enthusiasts! JRC's online rental platform has a curated selection of music rooms that are perfect for your jamming sessions, recordings, and creative projects. Check out these amazing music rooms available for rent:

Pasir Ris Audio Studio (Live Room): Size: 96 sqft | Capacity: 5 people

Fully equipped with top-notch gear, including Neumann TLM 102 and Shure SM57 microphones, Audio Technica AT2020, Line6 4 x 12 Cabinet with G12 Speakers, and more. Get ready to rock the house with your music!

Pasir Ris Audio Studio (Control Room): Size: 72 sqft | Capacity: 6 people

A dream setup for audio professionals, featuring an Apple Mac Pro, Avalon Designs M5, Yamaha HS80 monitors, Neve 1073 pre-amp and EQ, DBX 160SL stereo compressor, and more. Experience top-tier recording quality in this control room.

City Hall Music Studio: Size: 140 sqft | Capacity: 5 people

A fully equipped jamming studio complete with a drum kit, guitar/bass amplifiers, and a PA system with mics. Get your band together and make some incredible music!

Jalan Pemimpin Music Recording Studio: Size: 450 sqft | Capacity: 7 people

A versatile space perfect for music, videography, weddings, photography, and live streaming. This studio boasts professional high-quality cameras, lighting, audio equipment, various backdrop choices, and even a green screen. Unlock your creativity in this acoustically treated hybrid studio!

Whether you're a band, solo artist, or content creator, these studios are equipped to meet your musical needs. Head over to and rent the perfect music room for your next project. Elevate your music experience with JRC's peer-to-peer online rental platform! 🎼🎶

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