360 work shop by Deitrich Lorec Mohan

24th August 2018

On 30th June 2018 at SCAPE’s MediaHub, 360 camera enthusiasts gathered for the [360 VR Workshop]. A workshop was hosted by Dietrich Mohan, a 360/VR Camera specialist based in Singapore. He led a group of individuals through the origins of the 360 VR Cameras, which companies specialize in this camera and how to film correctly using different method. A 360 lens is a lens that captures images from all angles with the field view both horizontally and vertically. This camera is very popular among VR content creators.

Mohan explained how the concept of 360 VR lens started in video games where players had a 360 view of their entire surrounding while the game was being played, an example would be Call of Duty.

He also elaborated on the differences between shooting on a normal lens as compared to shooting on a 360 degree lens. It boiled down to how normal lens there is a lot more emphasis placed on the positioning and planning of the individual shot, whereas when filming with a 360 lens the placement of the people becomes the main focus.

Learning from a specialist such as Mohan truly was an enriching and meaningful experience, as it allowed people to be exposed to a very new and up and coming sector of the media business that is changing the landscape of how we film.


360 vr workshop


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