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J Rental Centre is a platform that connects Gear(s) owners with Renters in search of Gear. We have a centralised database system with listings that Renters can browse on We promote our services on social media, search engines and through ground initiatives to allow more people to know about the rentals.


A. Listing
Listing on J Rental Centre (JRC, "we" or "us") is free, and Owners who wish to list their Gear with JRC may inquire through email or phone. We will review the owner's intentions, reliability and the completeness of his/her equipment before coming to a decision on whether the Owner can list. We will then provide these standard operating procedures and answer any questions before the Gear(s) are listed.

Listing information requested would include:

  • - Brand, quantity, model of items and any accessories
  • - Proposed daily rate (for items not already listed)
  • - Collection/return location

B. Inquiry

  • 1. Renter selects Gear(s) and date(s) that they are interested in renting on and gets a quote. Information required from Renter at this point:
    • - Date of shoot
    • - Name, Contact Info
  • 2. An email will be sent to Owner(s) to check if the Gear(s) is available for rental. At this point, the rental is still not confirmed. Should Gear be requested from 2 separate locations, JRC will generate two separate inquiries.
  • 3. If the item(s) is available, Owner(s) should mark it as such so that the Renter may proceed to select payment options and book. If not, Owner(s) should mark it as unavailable so that the Renter may proceed to check if other items are available instead.
  • 4. A courier service might be used (for non-expensive items) to allow Renters to have a smoother pick up and return experience.
  • 5. JRC would notify the Renter that Gear(s) is available and if they would like to confirm. Should there be changes to be made, the second step would be repeated to ensure that no mistakes are made during the rental process.

C. Booking
After the Renter has confirmed the item(s) and date(s) that he/she wants to rent and his/her preferred payment method, JRC would collect personal information (photo of both sides of Renter's IC and recent bill addressed to him/her) and payment (in the case of credit card or bank transfer options). A booking email will be sent to the Owner with the invoice (to be printed), and a booking confirmation to the Renter for reference.

At this point, it is understood that both the Owner(s) and Renter are committed to the hire of Gear(s) and are obliged to honour the agreement laid out on the website or in this document at

D. Collection/Returns
The contact details of the Owner(s) will be passed to the Renter to arrange timing for collection. Owner(s) will also collect cash for the rental should that be the selected mode of payment. These are the standard collection/return timings (subject to Owner(s) availability):

  • - Collection: One day before booking (after 6pm);
  • - Return: One day after booking (before 12noon).

Owners are free to extend the rental if no possible timing for a return can be arranged or out of his/her goodwill (i.e. Owner is overseas and would not mind extending the rental.)

Owners are to ensure that Renters do a thorough physical and functional check on the Gear(s) upon collection and sign the invoice. If there are disputes, JRC should be informed and the Renter should not collect a damaged/faulty item. Owners should do the same physical and functional check on the Gear(s) upon return and sign for the return on the invoice if all is good. Owners may collect a $200 deposit for items that are missing or damaged upon return while finding the costs to replace/repair from a supplier or the relevant service centre. JRC should be kept in the loop of any such incidents to update our records.

First Time Renters: Please check their identity to match that of invoice. If a Renter has assigned someone to collect on his/her behalf, the person collecting should come with an authorisation letter that includes both parties’ Name, NRIC & Signature to be submitted to the Owner for keeping. The authorised personnel should then sign the rental invoice on behalf of the Renter. Owners may choose not to rent out their equipment to any party whom they deem untrustworthy or let JRC know if they wish to collect additional deposits or other forms of collateral as a precondition to making a rental.

E. Financial Matters
Renters will make payment to the owners or JRC either upon booking or collection of Gear(s). Modes of payment are bank transfer, credit card or cash on collection (may be revoked for Renter(s) who cancel too often or fail to make payments in a timely fashion).

J Rental Centre is committed to providing 3 kinds of discounts:

  • a) Student discount (5-10%) for minimum $25 booking, 2 days in advance *stacks
  • b) Multi-day discount (5-50% discount depending on no. of days)
  • c) Multi-item discount (5% discount for 3 items, minimum $100 booking) *stacks

J Rental Centre fees are 20% of the total rental sum collected (unless otherwise agreed). The amount minus the fees would be paid to owners (for bank transfer and credit card payments) and Owners are to make payment of fees from the cash collected at the end of each month (by bank transfer).

F. Other Scenarios
Ad-hoc requests to add/subtract items: Should time allow, Renters may make another inquiry and cancel the previous booking and have the Owner mark it as available before proceeding with the new booking and have a new invoice being generated. If time doesn't allow, Owners may amend the hardcopy invoice with a pen and counter sign with the updated fees. Owners may ask JRC's admin about the charges or refer to the site as if a new inquiry is being made. They should then update JRC about the changes for us to update the records.

Over-runs/Extension: Renters should inform Owner(s) should there be a need to prolong the rental of the equipment as soon as possible. They should then make another inquiry through the site for the Owner(s) to mark as available and generate a new invoice. No parties should be obliged to accede to such request(s) and should any Gear(s) be returned between 12-5pm on the next day, a 50% surcharge of the first day rate (discounts will not be applicable) should be charged as a penalty. Returns past 5pm the next day will be subject to a full day of extra charge (discounts will not be applicable). Should repeated late returns occur, the Renter might be blacklisted, especially if there was a lack of communication regarding the late return. Owners should also inform for us to update the records.

No-Shows & Late Comers: No-Shows would be treated as cancellations and no discounts or price reductions will be offered for late collections, Owners are also not obliged to entertain customers who are over half an hour late. Please inform JRC should any of the above situations arise, as we will blacklist repeated no-shows or Renters who are habitually uncontactactable.

Cancellation: Cancellation by Renter is allowed twice every 6 months, beyond which JRC may flag the Renter and remove the cash on collection payment option. For such Renters, cancellations within 1 week (of the first booking day) will result in a 25% cancellation fee and last minute cancellations within 48 hours of the booking would result in a 50% cancellation fee. No-shows or cancellations within 12 hours of the proposed collection timing would result in a 75% cancellation fee.

G. Liability
Should any Gear(s) be found damaged or missing upon return, Renters are required to either replace or repair the Gear(s). J Rental Centre is not party to any agreement or contract made for the rental of Gear(s) and the full terms can be found in the Rental Agreement. However, If the Renter is uncooperative, please let JRC know so that we can pursue the matter further, which may include but is not limited to bringing parties to arbitration or small claims tribunal and other legal procedures.

Should any Renter be uncontactable or deemed to have run away with the Gear, they have breached the terms of the Rental Agreement signed and the Owner should proceed to make a police report. Owners should keep JRC informed so that personal details may be supplied to the police or relevant authorities in such an incident. JRC can go as far as to supply information about the Renter and Rental to aid in investigations.

H. Summary

The Gear(s) is the property of the owner. As such, JRC leaves some areas of administration to the discretion of the owner. Although we would not be held responsible for any issues that may arise from the usage and rental of such Gear(s), we would gladly assist in whatever way we can. We strongly believe that Trust, Reliability and Service are the three core values that allow our community to grow and thrive, and every Owner is advised to uphold these values. Feedback from Renters will be taken into consideration during our regular service reviews. Unfortunately, Owners who have received complaints or feedback to have not followed these procedures may be removed from this community to ensure a pleasurable experience for all of our renters.

Owners are strongly encouraged to go beyond the exchange of equipment for payment, but to take time to go over some of the equipment's functionalities and provide advice when necessary. The education on how to use a particular piece of Gear can sometimes be more valuable than the access to the equipment itself, especially for students and first-time Renters.