What documents are required for bookings?

For locals above the age of 18 (Citizens/PR), please provide the following documents (after signing up):

  • A photo of both sides of your IC
  • A recent bill addressed to you

For students, qualify for a 10% student discount (with 2 days advanced booking) by submitting your student card after signing up

For non-locals, your work pass/passport would be required as well as guarantor information or a passport deposit. Cash deposit options are also available (our Admin’s will contact you to assist on a case by case basis)

For high value clothes or gear, additional cash deposits up to the replacement value of the item or documents (such as employment proof, CPF statements, etc) may be requested

Does JRC provide sponsorships?

As we do not own any of the items/facilities on our platform, JRC is unable to provide sponsorships. However, we are open to partnering up for mutual collaborations be it projects or events etc. We have also provided support to NUStudios inaugural Point and Shoot filmmaking competition in the same year as well. Simply drop us an email to and we will follow up from there!

What are the modes of payment accepted?

We accept cash on collection, bank transfer and credit card. However, for bank transfer and credit card payment. Do note that for card payment, pre-payment should be done and a 5% service charge will be added on to the total payment due.

How do I make an inquiry?

There are currently 3 ways to make an inquiry:

  • Website ( Sign up for an account, verify your email and submit booking documents (recommended to save time), then submit your inquiry
  • Email (
  • WhatsApp/SMS/Call (81680897)

We will strive to get back to you within 1 hour, but our freelancers may be on shoots and we do need to sleep as well! It is always better to inquire early!

Why do I need to submit my booking documents?

As part of our Terms of Service, these documents are a booking requirement so that our owners know who is using their clothes, gear or spaces. The renter would also be responsible to return the clothes, gear or space in the same good, working condition as issued.

Are there deposits required for rentals?

For camera gear, it depends on the item value as well as your verification status.
For spaces, a deposit is not required
For clothes, a 10% cash deposit based on the replacement value of the item would be charged. More details can be found under the FAQ for clothes

Are you a shop?

No, all items/spaces listed on this site belongs to different owners who use our platform to list their items/spaces for rent. This provides an affordable and convenient solution for renters as well as the transfer of first hand experience from owner to renter during each rental.

What are the collection/return timings?

For any duration of bookings, you may collect the items on day before, after 6pm or on the actual day itself.

Returns can be done on the day itself as well or one day after your booking, before 12 noon.

Opening hours for our 3 collection points are as follows:

City Hall: Daily, 10.30am-12pm, 6-7.30pm 
Taiseng: Mon-Fri, 10.30am-12pm, 6-7.30pm
One North: Mon-Fri, 10.30am-12pm, 6-7.30pm

You may make arrangements with the owner(s) or collection points if the above timings do not work, subject to mutual agreement

Can I book on someone’s behalf?

No, you are only allowed to make a booking for yourself. You can, however, book the items/spaces under your name and authorise someone to collect/use the items/spaces on your behalf. The authorisation form can be found here for clothes/gear and here for spaces.

What if I would like to cancel my booking?

Booking cancellations are not pleasant, but do happen from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances. You should contact the owner and cancel the booking from the inquiries/bookings page.

In the unfortunate event of repeated cancellations, these charges will apply from the 3rd cancellation onwards:

10% for 14 days advance cancellation
25% for 7 days cancellation
50% for 3 days cancellation
75% for last minute cancellation (within 24 hours from collection time)

Cash on collection payment option will be made unavailable after 2 cancellations and any credit card service charges will be non-refundable.

What if the owner cancels on a booking?

While this is extremely rare, there are circumstances where items/spaces may become un-rentable, such as in the event of damage, loss or malfunction of equipment, electrical failure of spaces or personal emergencies.

Our admin’s will search for a suitable alternative in the shortest possible time for you and we will ban/strike off owners who repeatedly cancel bookings to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

I am interested in becoming a partner to rent out my equipment on JRC. What is required and how long does it take?

Simply, click on the “Become A Partner” icon on our website or email us at We will need a list of your equipment and collect personal information (e.g. NRIC, address, phone number) and verify that it is accurate to ensure trust and safety on the platform—this is part of what we call our vetting process. We also do checks on professional backgrounds and may schedule a meeting. This process usually takes about 3 days to a week. Once approved, you can start uploading your equipment up for rental. If you are in a rush, we can expedite the process! Just email us at


What if renter has not made full payment and goes missing?

If item has been returned but for some reason payment is further delayed, confirm and agree to a date by when it will be paid and include clause about late payment fees (10% for every day).  

After 6 months, file with the Small Claims Tribunal and blacklist the company. For big amounts, engage debt recovery services such as JMS Roger’s.

If item has not been returned long after rental period is over and/or renter is uncontactable, lodge a police report and blacklist renter. Contact family and friends of renter and let them know about renter’s non-payment to pressure them into paying first on behalf of the renter.

What if a booking has already been made but I have to cancel?

You may simply change the status of booking to cancel. Additionally, do inform our admin about the cancellation to confirm it. Take note that repeat cancellations of a booked space may lead to the removal of your items on the platform.

What if I have marked an inquiry as ‘available’, but later realise that I need to use the item/space?

You may simply change the status of booking to unavailable. Additionally, do inform our admin about the cancellation to confirm it. Take note that repeat cancellations of a items/space booking may lead to the removal of your Items/space on the platform.

What if a renter damages my item/space?

Take photos of the damage and reflect the extent on the rental invoice to ensure both parties acknowledge the damage. Collect a deposit from the renter that will be refunded upon repair/replacement of the item/space.

How will I be paid?

At the end of each month, J Rental Centre will clear the outstanding accounts. In most cases, that would mean paying you the rentals collected, less our fees. However, in unique circumstances that a renter chooses to extend his/her booking and pays cash, we would nett off the amount payable.

This is applicable for cancellation fee as well.

How can I become an Owner? I want to list my clothes, gear or space for rent on!

Send us an email at

How will I receive inquiries?

You will receive an email notification leading you to approve or disapprove the booking inquiry.

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